Go for More with 3X Points

with IHG® Rewards

Earn 2X points starting on your second stay and 3X on 3+ stays


IHG Rewards members experience more

  • Register for 3X - Register and stay by 31 December 2021
  • Book & stay - IHG® Rewards members always get the best rates
  • Earn more - 2X IHG Rewards points on 2nd stay and 3X on 3+ stays

Other Perks:

  • Access our best rates when booking directly with IHG
  • Earn points on every stay at 6,000 destinations globally
  • Redeem points for Reward Nights
  • Stay when you want, with no blackout dates on Reward Nights
  • Enjoy free Wi-Fi every time 
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Register Now and make your 3+ stays pay you back 3X. Keep earning points all season long.

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