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Bigfin Squid Roe

Rich and buttery in flavour, squid roe is a favourite among many that exudes a creamy and tender texture in any style of cooking.

This March and April, we are offering the rare delicacy of Bigfin squid roe cooked in a variety of styles by our talented chefs for the perfect meal. From salads to seafood potjie, satisfy your palate with our exclusive dishes, as you witness stunning ocean sunset views when you dine on our patio.

Menu Highlights

  • Bigfin squid roe salad and crab meat with black ink vinaigrette lettuce, red radish, asparagus and rocket
  • Bigfin squid roe steamed with chili, lemon, spring onion, celery, ginger and Chinese cabbage
  • Boiled Bigfin squid roe spicy dip, steamed bok choy, spicy bean sauce and ginger chili bean paste sauce
  • Bigfin squid roe and seafood potjie: fish masala, fennel, onion, garlic, seafood and tomato pot stew

Prices start at THB 690+ per dish

Promotion Period: 1 March – 30 April 2020